Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Canadian Bush-Haters protesting President Bush's Visit to Canada. (Mille fois merci to Paul Denton)

(Links have been added to help with some of the more obscure references)

1. (Obscure Reference Alert) There is a loud gunshot as the hippies are shot in the stomach. They crumple to the ground Voice Over: "This demonstrates the value of not being seen."

2. The opposite side of the sign reads, "Welcome Aliens, Beam us to the Mother Ship." Just in case.

3. One piece of litter on the entire lawn... and it's the hippies that threw it there.

4. Their protest was abandoned in panic when Don King's massive hairdo appeared on the horizon.

5. "Hey, Maude, this is exactly where those two victims were standing when I went up in the Bell Tower back in '64. Remember?"

6. "Look, Maude... in the sky... it really is raining men. Hallelujah!"

7. "George, I give you five points for using the sign to preserve your privacy, but I take away several hundred points for pissing on my Birkentocks."

8. "Hey, how much longer is this protest going to go on? Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to leave a meth lab unattended?"

9. "Nice of Svend Robinson to drop by our Protest. Hey, where's my watch?"

10. Canadians: The Jan Brady's of the International Community. ("It's always about America. America! America! America!")


Jarrett said...

Great. I especially like the value of not having to SEE those hippies.

Unfortunately, we'll still smell 'em.

Only thing is, we need the END consequence of the sketch... where he starts laughing maniacally...

Move dem dere hippies into dat dere mushroom cloud ;)


Dawn said...

Pretty damn funny, as always.
Hey VK, mind if I use this? I'd of course give ya the credit, and it might help ya to get a bit more traffic.

V the K said...

Dawn, by all means, go ahead. I could always use fresh Legions of the Damned for my Armies of Global Conquest.

Jeff said...

Never mind that their swastika is backwards. Morons indeed.