Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Was it over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Forgive me while I break format just this one time.

Well, so much for that.

First of all, don't despair too much. John McCain was not that much of a prize. Do you really honestly believe his presidency was going to resemble his one year of center-right campaigning more than his 20+ years of center-left senatoring? Doubtful. We may have gotten another couple of Souters on the Supreme Court instead of another couple of Ginsburgs. That's about all we would have gotten out of Maverick McAmnesty. That and four years of captions about dropping napalm on "gooks" and kids being chased off the White House lawn.

If only one good thing has come from this election, it's that it is crystal clear who the enemy is. We don't have to compromise any more. We're liberated from having to back mushy moderates just because if the alternative gets power, it would be worse. Well, now the worse alternative is in power, and we have nothing to lose.

Americans have elected bad presidents before. We elected James Buchanan. We elected Woodrow Wilson. We even somehow elected Jimmy Carter. Americans get irrational and make stupid decisions sometimes, but somehow, we pull through. Obama will not be a good president. In the most likely scenarios, Chairman O's tenure is likely to be sub-Carter in its results. The result of his policies will be a recession deeper and more prolonged that Jimmy Carter's. And weakness abroad will lead only to humiliation at home. The Democrats can only avoid this fate by governing moderately and not over-reaching, and it is not in their character to do either.

Plus, there will be corruption. Oh boy, will there ever be corruption. The One rode into office on a wave of voter fraud and illegal campaign contributions, and he's not going to change his stripes once in office. The One has always surrounded himself with the worst sorts of political sewer trout like Tony Rezko, Frank Marshall and Jim Johnson. The greed of his associates will explode exponentially with the power of the presidency, and the stench will be too hard for even the media to hide.

And I'll be here to make fun of The One and his incompetence, his idiocy, his corruption, for as long as is necessary.

Don't despair. This is not a time for despair. The fun is just getting started. One of the wonderful things about being on the right is that our personal happiness is not tied to the success or failure of any political figure. For the next four years, we are still going to be happier, on balance, than our seething counterparts on the left... regardless of how much medication they take.

We will continue to present intelligent arguments against Chairman O's policies, and support our elected representatives in opposing them. No different than we would do under a McCain administration. We have to make the Democrats pay for every dollar they want to take away in taxes, for every freedom they want to take away from us, for every inch, for every yard. But we will fight them gleefully, and rejoice in every battle.

The things that really matter are our faith and our families. And not even Chairman O can take those away from us.

Take hope. Take Christ. Take faith.

Much like Frank Stallone, we are down, but we are far from over!


Scott said...

Well said!!!

Kevin Walker said...

Amen, V! Amen!

It is painful to see so many American duped into thinking Obama would help America, but as you said, McCain wasn't that good, but a lot better than Chairman O. Thankfully, he'll only serve this term out once he's inaugurated because people will finally wake up to his corruption.

We're going to have to tighten our belts, as this recession will only get worse, much worse.

I just hope those few correct-minded people in Congress will fight tooth and nail to Chairman O and his cohorts' policies that will only hurt America.

Can't wait for those Chairman O captions, V.

Give 'em Hell, V!

Seoulman (R) said...

Apparently taste tests show Kool-Aid is America's favorite drink.

God, help us all!! (And I am not taking His name is vain)

Thank you for the words of encouragement.

If you need a name for our new Prez, my friends and I call him O-babo (Babo is Korean for fool or idiot)

Mikey Lee said...

Personally, I'm looking forward to payback after years of BDS comments. This is actually some peoples worst nightmare! HAAAAAAA!

Carpe Phlogiston said...

I'm not nearly as sanguine about the future as you, V, because the nation's IQ has eroded over the past 40 years while the laws have been perverted to allow massive gaming of the system by traitors.

The Age of Elves ended and the Age of Man began. Now the Age of Eurocentrism fades, and an Age of Darkness spreads across the land, aided and abetted by liberal sheepul. Is there a fair isle where Reason, Ethics and Creativity dwells, where the last of the tribe of centrists and independents can live in peace, without the grating sound of hiphop noise and mariachi bands, the sound of gunfire on holidays, the hand of big bro in one's wallet to cover the costly feel good boondoggles to be enacted? If so, book me passage to Galt's Gulch, for any hope of the US returning to its former glory is done.

Anonymous said...

I voted the straight (no pun intended, but hey, snark the line if you must) Rethug ticket, because I believe in hedging my bets. I figured if McCain lost, Congress and the Senate would be there to rein in the Democrats, but lately...I have been seeing Rethugs with backbones more flexible than Olga Korbut's.

Panday said...

From one Michigander to another: thanks for that. I was in the dumps.

KEVIN said...

Being in charge is a bitch... I can't wait until their first f-ck up. Which should be shortly after NOON on January 20, 2009. :-)

Son Of The Godfather said...

Fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck, "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck."

(Sorry, it's late, I'm drunk, and we have a commie president.)

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Honestly, who didn't see this coming? For the past 40 years, liberal schools crapped out hitler youth with substandard educations who goose-step and point fingers at anyone who utters accurate but politically incorrect comments. News organizations were reduced to ratings-driven soundbite nonjournalism. Career politicians snuggled into the money-lined pockets of special interest groups and fat cats, letting lobbyists write laws. Corporate governance and ethics became a joke... businesses circumvented laws to entice illegals into the country, shipped jobs overseas, cooked the books and enjoyed outrageous exec perks and golden parachutes. The problems, corruption and waste is systemic. Neither McCain nor Obama (and certainly none of the traitors in Congress who know how to game the system) will fix the so-called voluntary tax system, or social security, or gross fraud and waste in the cozy health care/insurance maze despite election year promises. Nobody has the guts to address the corrupt FDA or SEC, the FBI/CIA turf wars, the bungling DHS, the country's deteriorating infrastructure or our outmoded communication and energy production systems. The Repubs became as spendthrift and shortsighted as Dems and voters get no other viable choice in representation. Choosing between two lousy options election after election ensured things would get worse. While Obama enjoyed standing ovations in socialist countries, McCain the "maverick" sided with the Shrub on critical issues. I was surprised the popular vote wasn't more lopsided. Give it time. Looks like Mexico could topple (becoming the new Columbia, so watch for a wave of illegals anxious for the Obamalamaland drivers license even if there aren't any jobs to be had. Alia jacta est.
Sorry for rambling. Clearly, I'm not drunk enough, yet.

Cybrludite said...

+1, VtK.

The office gets respect, the man... well, not so much. Now it's time to start supporting and building up actual conservative candidates. '84 showed what happens when you run a principled conservative.

And, let me second what SotG said.

Rodney Dill said...


Army of Mom said...

I'm at such a loss for words. I wish I could share your upbeat attitude on this one, but I got nothing but despair in my heart right now. I tried to console myself this morning lying in bed thinking that it can't be that bad, right? But, I couldn't convince myself.

Anonymous said...

It can only get worse before it gets better. At least forty years wandering in the wilderness......

Jack Reacher said...

I consider economic and fiscal issues, and think we've seen worse (Think FDR turning a recession into a decade-long depression). But then I consider federal judges including, deep breath, the Supreme Court. Like Frankenstein's monster, they live on long beyond their creator.

And then, unlike many of Obama's supporters, I can actually find North Korea, Iran, China, and Georgia on a map. "Mr. Peace Dividend, Let's Talk To Our Adversaries" is going to be tested, all right. He'll take the test, but all of us will get the failing grade.

That said, it's not the end of America, but the beginning of a decade of decline and struggle to recover from the failed Obama presidency. We'll recover, but we'll never get these four years back.

So, who wants to hear about Ron Paul? I'd love to stay and chat, but my laxative just kicked in, and some kids are on my lawn.

metalgarth said...

"Carl gathers his forces to bring about hope and change to Springfield, unaware that a large bird was about to poop on his head"

"I for one welcome our new O-gastic overlords"

"Gallant was tired of Goofus' crap and organized an army of zombie brownshirts to finally put an end to his rudeness once and for all"

"The time had come. They were ready to get on McCain's lawn... and stay there for awhile"

Good Caption V the K. See you in reducation camp next summer

Anonymous said...

Theres one problem with the Pearl Harbor analogy - we didnt end up with a Jap President and Congress where the Japs are in control.

The Dark Age is upon us. And Im not talking about Obamas skin color. Energy prices will go thru the roof and we will all be sitting in the dark and freezing while The Messiah, wearing a sweater, tells us to conserve energy to save the Earth in the latest issue of Pravda.

duke of red said...

V the K,

Thank you for your uplifting words. It's been the one bright spark I've had in the past few hours. Kissing my 2 year old daughter, as she lay fast asleep last night, for the first time I geniunely worried for her future.

Here's hoping we don't slide irreparably into a socialistic state, the likes of which takes decades to pull out of.

Thanks again.

Dwight said...

[slow clap]

Sometimes you gotta have Jimmy Carter in order to have a Reagan.

No one under the age of 40 remembers the Carter years. They have no idea how long and damaging the next four years will be.

So we'll do this. They will learn. Then hopefully it will be another 40 years before we're stupid enough to go through this shit again.

ILoveCapitalism said...

I agree with all the comments, both "cheer up" and "depressed".

You see, the thing is - It's going to get a lot worse, before it gets better.

That's on a national level. For me on a personal level - assuming that I don't get killed in a terrorist attack, or taxed to the point where I lose all desire to work, or sued or imprisoned for speaking my mind or daring to preserve some shred of my already-limited wealth - I might have fun, meeting new and wonderful people in Teh Resistance. Who knows, they might even be real people! :-)

ILoveCapitalism said...

Oh, and V, LOVE the graphic!

GregMan said...

Try not to implicate the rest of us when you are arrested by Internal Security for anti-Oneness agitation, V.

I, myself, am wavering between Reagan-esque optimism in the resilience of America, even in the face of a monor like President-for-Life Obamessiah, and despair of the sort so ably set forth by Carpe Phlogiston. I am old enough (get off my lawn, you damn kids!) to have seen worse, including Carter and LBJ, and to have seen worse election results (1974, anyone? 1976?), but I can't help thinking our luck is going to run out sooner or later if we keep electing these sorts of idiots.

Now where did I put that inflatable rubber cowboy?

flyovercountry said...

We had an election, Obama won and he is now my president. I don’t like it, but I am an American and this is how we do things.

Obama, along with his cohorts in the House and Senate, will try and drag this country left, probably much farther left than even rational democrats want it to go.

That will be his undoing, provided that republicans can come up with solid leaders who can run a campaign and get their message out. This is still a right of center country, no matter how much the far left wishes it were not.

Kaptain Krude said...

I must echo what AoM said. (Under better conditions, I would crack about lying in bed, but I'm just not up for it. Sorry, AoM.) For the first time that I can remember, I am truly afraid for my country.

I will, however, make two pledges. One, I will give The Candidate as much support as the opposition gave Bush in 2000. Second, I will work to be as active a member in Teh Resistance as I possibly can.

In other words, Teh Resistance starts right now.

Achilles said...

Der Fuhrer is pleased that his political comments are so well-received, ja?

Son Of The Godfather said...

O.K., back to captioning mode:

"A black sheriff?!?"

Son Of The Godfather said...

Well, the one bright spot is that now Dawn doesn't have to pay her mortgage or utility bills any longer.

jj said...

I posted this at earlier today:

I think that it’s time to start the resistance. Start by going to an electronics store. Buy a package of resistors. Make and wear the resistors as tie tacks, lapel pins (under your American flag), etc. Then go to (I know, a lot of you will puke, but stay with me for a while). Buy anything with the word “Wolverines” on it and display the Wolverine proudly.

“We will not go blindly into the night…”

Seoulman (R) said...

Thank goodness you all are here. Korea is all abuzz with O-babo's win.

I think they see the win as proof that in America anyone can be anything. Wait until they realize no one can afford a new Hyundai!

Y'all keep me sane. Thank you. Need a bottle of soju (Korean vodka type drink) and maybe with enough prozac I can make it til 2012.

Any bets on when O-babo sees his first UFO or killer rabbit?

Army of Dad said...

"The things that really matter are our faith and our families. And not even Chairman O can take those away from us."

Um, V. Yes they can. Should they try it will be...difficult.

I am a pessimest by nature, but McCain would have damaged the country by accident. Obama and his friends in Congress and the media will continue to do it on purpose.

No matter how much the screw things up it will not matter, at least 40% of the country will not notice or care. They can dupe another 10% and then easily steal the last 1% they need.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have our first affirmative action president, what can we look forward to? Keep a close eye on Ayers,Dorn, Wright, Farrakan, Rezko, Khalidi, Jackson, Sharpton, & company.

Remember that reaching across the aisle will leave you with a bloody stump.

No more compromises!


Rodney Dill said...

Godwin's law doesn't apply when you are talking about Nazis.

mklasing said...

Excellent post! You should break format more often. And to end on an eighties song that kicks butt is so um... hillarious.

Thanks for the cheer up!


molson said...

The "Nero of the New Age" has risen...

Fraudius Marximus Obamacus.

May his reign be short and he be miserable. For as long as the idiot rules, the Republic is dead.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

A hangover would normally preclude loud typing, but I am compelled to compliment JJ on the reference to Red Dawn, and thank gregman for the nod.
"Compelled"? Yeah... after I noticed the word verify was generated just for me -"noramble"

curly said...

I’m working as a contractor for the military in Afghanistan these days and most of the GI’s and veterans are in wonderment of the stupidity of the American voter. We’re now calling one another “Comrade” and making jokes about having “dog shit for breakfast, dog shit for lunch and dog shit for dinner”, in honor of our new Commander In Chief and his well reported disdain for the boys in uniform.

Life is pretty primitive, but I just got a stable yet v-e-r-y s-l-o-w internet connection, so I should start capping again in the near future.


momster said...

Although I read you daily I have never left a comment but I just had to let you know that your post was the first thing I have read after the election that has made me feel better. Thank you.

scottthong said...

V the K, am I really the first one to notice that the title of the post should be JAPANESE bombed Pearl Harbour?

Quickly, do something before some leftards jump on this as proof that Palin is a redneck or something!

Anonymous said...

Talk about affermative action candidates,both bush and mccain would never have gotten into yale or the navel academy without daddies help.At least when given the opportunity obama excelled,which is more than you can say for either bush or mccain.Why do you hate smart people?

ben-david said...

America is still a center-right country.

Most of the gay marriage and environmental referendums failed.

Even in California.

Submariner said...

Sorry to be late to the dance, y'all, but, well, I was busy burying my gold coins for the upcoming depression and those maps are damned tricky to make after a couple of twelve packs...

Good post V - it does have a nice touch of optimism. Great comments everybody.

Now, I'm setting the initial betting lines at:
Interest rate - 14% within 16 months.
Unemployment rate - 8% within 12 months
First tax raise on the "middle class" (take whichever of the 4 income levels used that you want) promised a tax cut - 4 months
Gasoline national average back over $4/gallon - March 1, 09
First terrorist attack on home soil - Sep 11, 2009
By Al Qaida 3:2, Iran 2:1, Home growns 5:2, Palestinians 9:2, North Koreans 16:3, Irish Soccer Hooligans 452:1, Smelly Pirate Hookers 1,500:1 and finally, Jews 1,000,000,000:1

Y'all keep your eyes open and your head low, I'm going into my bunker and I'll see you in 4. Either that of V and I will be in adjacent cells.

Son Of The Godfather said...

scottthong said...
V the K, am I really the first one to notice that the title of the post should be JAPANESE bombed Pearl Harbour?

Scottthong, you need to brush up on your Animal House and get back to us.

Epaminondas said...

In the end he will take the age old solution to the coming uber-recession..


The media will discover 'proof' that the WMD is in Syria AND Iran, and that so sorry, the world is better off as we manage the oil wells as they come back on line after the massive destruction in eastern KSA and Iran.

You attitude has been noticed !

Mo K said...

Late to the party, but wanted to chime in with a thanks, V.
As the saying goes, when handed lemons, make lemonade. I hope the conservative base rallies, and that we see some true leaders emerge who don't keep trying to placate the left. For cripes sake, give it up. The bi-partisan talk is a crock. They give a lot of lip service to it, but they don't practice it, and they smack down Republicans when they attempt it.
Obama is already starting to show his true colors, before he even takes office. If y'all haven't seen it yet, here's a bit of fun over at DUmmie FUnnies. Honeymoon over? :-)

As much as the press 'adores' "The One", I predict they will eventually turn on him. I could be wrong, but if he keeps ordering them around, there could be a backlash.

Or they could be cowards.

Hm. Nevermind. :-/