Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hairnets for Rubberheads

1. "I'll have the Wegyu steak with a side of arugula, please. What, no wegyu? OK, dog, then."

2. "Do fries go with that shake? Oh, wait, they apparently do."

3. "Oh, c'mon, just scrape off the mold. What are you, some kinda pussy?"

4. "So, ya wanna hang out in the unisex bathroom and watch the cheerleaders throw up later?"

5. "Soylent tater tots? What are they made out of?"


Carpe Phlogiston said...

I'm not accusing Grace of pilferage, but it's a bit suspicious how the wings only disappear from HER side of the tub.


Kid Thawtbubble: Thank goodness the Zelda the jewish grandmother isn't working. I hate when she slops mashed taters and gravy on my tray while yelling, "Eat, Eat, you're nothing but skin and bones!"

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Editor's note: Okay, so they're not wings, they're steak fries. Same premise.


Boy: May I please have two pats of butter?
Lunchlady: NO SOUP FOR YOU!
ORA Seinfeld

Anonymous said...

Ikea's out of hotdogs?!

chronos the wonder pig said...

"..and some of those worms in the rear, please."

Dr. Doom said...

"No son - trust me, you don't want any of that," counseled the Lunch Lady, "The Safe Schools Czar personally stuffed those..."

Submariner said...

You learned quickly first year to NEVER ask "What the 'ell is THAT?!?" in the Hogwart's Student Union Cafeteria...