Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Suggestive Imagery


Anonymous said...

You want me to tattoo what red, white and blue?!!!

chronos the wonder pig said...

red, white & blew

chronos the wonder pig said...

"...the ice is melting, the ice is melting! Hollywood science yet again proves that Global Warming is real!

Kaptain Krude said...

Sandra Fluke has really whipped herself into shape, hasn't she?

Carpe Phlogiston said...

The perfectly even distribution of red and blue stripes caused panic at the Congressional Task Force on Gerrymandering. Kate was ordered to submit to an immediate hands-on inspection to assuage fears of this happening in their cleverly contrived home districts. As usual, Independents were totally shut out of the process.


Boop Oop de Doop

Carpe Phlogiston said...

Patriot PAC Pops have a sound chip in the sticks. Which quip will you hear with every lick? -
McCain: "You wanna a piece of me, c*nt? Well, do ya?"
Gang of 8 in unison: "If you're illegal, we'll help you lick the system, too!"
Bill Clinton: "Suck harder, intern, and for pete's sake don't let it drip!"
Anthony Weiner: "For a real treat, I stick these up my butt! Wanna picture?"
Bawney Fwank: "Watch the teeth, you twink!"
Mitch McConnell: "It's sorta like me... cold and stiff from poor circulation and Viagra. What, you lost your appetite?"
Obamalama: "That's right, peon, you paid for that lousy popsicle while I got a huge chocolate ice cream cone for free!"

Submariner said...

Cindy Brady sure grew up nice... And I see that she continues to practise the skills Greg taught her during breaks from filming!