Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween L-l-l-l-l-ladies....

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Rodney Dill said...

Here's to hopin' she's a bad witch.

The Expendable said...

Looks like her cauldron needs stirrin'.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

With a smile like hers this may be the only time she has to hold a broom.

She's bubbly cute, but as a leg man I can't resist the allure of trim gams. Hope other lower extremity aficionados out there will enjoy today's catch:

If that's the club bouncer, I'm going to intentionally start an altercation.

Lesson learned long ago... girls never say, "Hey, my shoulder blades are up here!"

Showing a little ankle never goes out of style.

Oh, look, the new museum docent uniforms have arrived!

And finally, this bit of breath-taking awesomeness.

Anonymous said...