Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fun for the Whole Family


1. Brought to you by Mutual of Folsom Street.

2. Most popular item in the gift shop: Ass Fragrance.

3. "Suggestion: We stop letting the Safe School Czar organize our school field trip."

4. "So, this where you met mom? That explains the gimp suit, I guess."

5. "I hate sneaking in through the back entrance, it's always so messy back there."


Anonymous said...

Parking in front
Entrance in rear

Nose said...

No matter how much I analyze this....nothing.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

But, Doris, I thought we were going to Wally World?
Oh hon, Marge says this is so much more fun! Plus, there's a Walmart right across the street.


When Gnarthing's Travel Agency mixed up Hustler's Kinky Singles reservations with the GOP Family Sex Education Workshop reservations, well... it worked out okay actually.


What to do first, kids? Hemorrhoid Mountain or P00p Chutes & Ladders?


Where Are They Now? #782
Anthony Weiner is an official greeter here.


Oscar Meyer and his family on vacation.

Jay Guevara said...

And featuring our spokesmodel, Allison Williams.

Rodney Dill said...

Enumclaw's first theme park.

Carpe Phlogiston said...

It's so cold, daddy!
Well, then, you and your brother might ought to play on the Warm Enema Slide.


Hon, let's take a spin on the Thanks For E-Filing Cornholercoaster. It's run by retired IRS agents!


Look, a conga line's forming at the Ice Rink! Gosh, hope the wait for Strap-On rentals isn't as long as last year.
No worries! See, I packed my feeldoe this time!
Awright. Lube?

Dr. Doom said...

Unfortunately Little Billy's day was ruined when they realized he was an inch too tall for the line on the sign saying 'You Must Not Be TALLER Than This Line to Ride This Ride' at the Safe School Czar Crotch Rocket Ride...

Dr. Doom said...

The Johnsons report the rides are OK but the Barney Frank Anamatronics Exhibit is horrifying, just horrifying...

Steve O said...

Some rides are scarier than others.

Mr Hankey said...

Julie is already holding Kyle's shoulders to pin him down for the first...ride.

Mr Hankey said...

Anal Kingdom, featuring the most painful train ride in the world.

Dr. Doom said...

"Oh yes I had a great time," gushed Bruce, "the IRS Experience ride is FABULOUS and as a bonus - there is almost no line at all..."

Submariner said...

"...and that, boys, is how I met your mother. It's also why she has such a large Adam's apple and why you're both adopted. Now let's go visit the park!"

chronos z. wonderpig said...

"Dad, can we go to the snack stand for some Butt Cake? Can we? Can we?"

The Expendable said...

Dr. Ben Dover had been looking forward to his proctology clinic's "bring your family to work" day.