Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Get in muh belly

1. Warning: Donald Trump's X-Power is to freeze your face in the last expression you have when you look at him.

2. "Cute... bring it back to me in about 18 years when I'll be needing a new trophy wife."

3. How can I f--k this up today?  thought Trump before kicking the mother in the face and tea-bagging the baby.

4. "You got it wrong, ma'am, it's Hillary who demands a blood sacrifice of the innocent."

5. Donald Trump was happy whenever he met anyone with smaller hands than his.


Dr. Doom said...

"Well ma'am, I certainly agree that she is more qualified than John Kerry," replied The Donald, "but I have already promised Bernie Madoff he can be Secretary if State after the pardon..."

Dr. Doom said...
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Mac said...

"No, no, no. It's Ted Cruz who eats babies."

dadoctah said...

"If she were my daughter, I'd be dating her."

Dr. Doom said...

"If you are serious about pursuing a paternity suit," instructed Mr. Trump, "you will have a much better chance over at the Clinton campaign - Bill has been 'stumping' for Hillary for about 20 months now..."