Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary's Bush Support

1. All right, just to get this outtatheway, "Ai! Gojira!"

2. Ain't no party like a Uniparty because the Uniparty don't stop... ripping off taxpayers for the benefit of their cronies.

3. Not surprised Bill and Hillary are trying to look up the Statue of Liberty's skirt; Barbara Bush is kind of a surprise, tho'.

4. So, the smug guy in the middle ... who undid Reagan's tax cuts, and his son not only botched an unpopular (but eminently winnable) war, but also massively expanded domestic spending and entitlements, doubled the national debt, and left the border wide open while 20 million illegals flooded the country... claims Trump will be the death of the Republican Party.

5, On the other hand, Bush 41 was the only one smart enough not to look up when the massive flock of pigeons appeared.


Kaptain Krude said...

"Look out, Hillary, snipers! Ha ha, made you look!"

Submariner said...

GHW Bush laughed quietly to himself; "Like Hillary's popularity numbers would be UP..."

jimmy said...

As the North Korean bombers soar over the Official Dissolution of the US Constitution Ceremonies, GHW Bush reflects on yet another political miscalculation. Shortly after this photo was taken, Babs strangled President Hillary with her trusty string of pearls.

GregMan said...

ORA: The exact moment the Eagles of the Lords of the West came upon Numenor.