Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pink Wigs and Beard Glitter

1. Ang Lee auditions for the part of 'Leelu' in his Fifth Element remake.

2. "They were all out of pussy hats, and we just had fit in at the Womyn's March."

3. "Thanks for joining me in the Pride March, Dad."

4. "Welcome to the new Transgender-Inclusive Boy Scouts, We're your troop leaders."

5. "Well, we used to work as AGs in the Justice Department, until President Trump fired us."


Dr. Doom said...

Social Sciences 101 Pop Quiz
Select the best answer
Raelynne and Earlene have just __________.
a) cornered the toypedo market.
b) successfully used the ladies room at Man Country Raleigh.
c) gotten Barney Frank's autograph.
d) been selected as the new guest panelists on The View.

Sort-of-Mad Max said...

Hillary Clinton's first two picks for the Supreme Court look on in shock and dismay as some...some cis-normative white guy gets THEIR job!

Kaptain Krude said...

It's good to see that Barack and M'chel'le were adjusting to life outside the White House.

Dr. Doom said...

Mardi Gras in the Castro District is not your Gramma's carnival...